Business Opportunities In Jamu Post-Natal Massage

Planned to set up a Jamu Post-Natal Massage Business in Singapore? Overseas? Talk to us or email us on how you could set up a Jamu Post-Natal Massage Business with no obligations. Below are some of what some our students from all over the world had to say:

Sandra Onyekwelu From London:

My passion (or should we say an obsession) with having a flat tummy resulted in me and Madam Rokiah's paths crossing. My desire to ensure that when I got pregnant, that I was able to regain my flat tummy post-pregnancy got me researching on-line. Then I stumbled on the ancient practice of post-natal massage, its many benefits of enhancing the well being of new mums and most importantly how it can help regain pre-pregnancy figures.

Following extensive research on-line, I found Madam Rokiah amongst others who also offer training courses in post-natal massage. Although others were cheaper, I decided to use Madam Rokiah as it was very obvious through email correspondence and telephone conversation that she was extremely knowledgeable, cares about her clients and a very nice lady to work with. On that basis I flew 13 hours to receive superior training from her.

During the training course, again she was able to impart a great deal of practical and theoretical knowledge to me. I am pleased to say that in four months since I completed my course, I have now started my own successful business in the UK called "Luztomi" - pronounced "Lose Tummy".

Madam Rokiah is a very lovely woman but most importantly, she is a professional. I really look forward to working with her very soon.

Kind regards

Farah A’shaari from Malaysia:

Hi there, Just to share my experience during my postnatal course with Mdm Rokiah. My name is Farah Awatif. I'm a university graduates from Malaysia. I'm 24 yrs only but have strong passion about postnatal massage. I do make many search about the benefit of postnatal massage and got to know postnatal massage is very popular in Spore. Even nowadays in Malaysia more mummies had their massage after their delivery.

I visited many website in Singapore that provide postnatal service and I call in to make enquires about these service. Came across and I personally feel that the way they answer to my quires is much more professional compare to other companies that I’ve called. 

Mdm Rokiah, the founder of Traditional & Holistic Postnatal Centre really encourage me to learnt about postnatal massage although she knows that I'm still young to get into this business. She even told me that her youngest student that she ever taught was only 17 years old.

I start my course with her and really enjoy with her way of teaching. Lots of tips & advices about the massage, cares before & after delivery, breastfeeding and babies massage. I do hope that 1 day I would set up a postnatal massage centre in Kuala Lumpur like Mdm Rokiah too and share what I've learnt with Malaysian mummies.

I wish Mdm Rokiah good luck and success always! Thanks  Mdm Rokiah.

Best Wishes,
Farah Awatif

Thanh Ai From Vietnam:


My name’s Thanh Ai, a new mom of 1 year old son. After deliver the baby, my body was soon filled with aches and pains, especially the lacking of breastfeeding milk made me stress a lot. I even didn’t have any experience to take care myself as well. The timing after deliver the baby was really terrible to me.

With an extensive research on-line, I found out that the Jamu postnatal massage is really fantastic. This leads me to the wish of bringing this kind of massage to Vietnam (my country) in order to make all mommies enjoy with their new vocation, new life with the lovely baby.

I was really impressed with the website in which Mdm Rokiah is the foundation. I applied for learning the course & luckily, Mdm Rokiah accepted me as her student. When learning on this, I found out that Jamu massage is really a unique massage compared to Hong Kong massage or Swedish massage which I learn from Vietnam. This is because it brings me the feeling of relaxing, releasing pain & aches in my leg and back. And now, I’m confident that my decision to learn this Jamu massage is the right decision.

My course duration in Singapore is too short, just only 7 days as I must come back home to take care my baby. However, I was fulfilled all the lessons easily by the enthusiasm of Mdm Rokiah. She spent all her own time to teach me even night, Saturday & Sunday.

Not only the practical, I learnt a lot of information from Mdm Rokiah, eg. On how to take care a new mom, how to breastfeed the baby, how to have more milk supplies, how to take care the baby, etc. All the lessons are very detail & easily understandable. She’s really a lovely teacher!

The most important thing I learnt from Mdm Rokiah & surely that I will act it all the rest of my life “ Please do the business by your heart first, then everything will come with you”.

I really look forward to have another chance working, learning from her.

Best Regards,
Thanh Ai