Engorgement Breast Massage (Shop)

Low Supply? Engorgements? Mastitis? Blockducts? Sometimes a milk duct leading from the milk-making cells to the nipple gets plugged, resulting in a tender lump beneath the areola. There may also be a wedge-shaped area of redness extending from the lump back towards the wall of the chest. 

Mdm Rokiah & Ms Ashiqah is well known for her breast massage for about 13 years and her magic hands. Mdm Rokiah & Ms Ashiqah usually meets at least 18 mummies a day for Breastfeeding issues.

Ala – Carte:

1 session : $100.00

Package One:

3 sessions : $280.00

Package Two:

5 sessions : $450.00

Package Three:

7 sessions : $595.00

Package Four:

10 sessions : $830.00

Package Five:

15 sessions : $1216.00

Teaching of Proper Latching


To Be Noted:

  • No Additional Charges.
  • All sessions is to be done at the centre.
  • No Expiry Date For All Packages.

What to prepare for your Engorgement Session:

  • An empty milk bottle.
  • A Syringe

Payment Mode: To make bookings for our Engorgement Breast Massage, payment has to be made at least 1 week in advance to be made via

  • Internet Banking:
    UOB Savings Account (364-102-254-1) Parkway Parade Branch
    DBS Savings Plus Account (019-1-085341) Woodlands Branch

Once we received your payment, we will call you to inform you of the available appointments and your booking will be automatically confirmed.