How Can We Help?

To complement our signature Jamu Massage we provide following treatments and services as part of our package:

Hot Stones Compress
Hot Stones Compress – warm river stones provide deep penetrating heat to ease muscle tension and soothe nerves. It also aids in relieving muscle pain, strains, poor circulation, back pain and insomnia.
Pilis – a type of Jamu applied to the forehead after the massage to cure dizziness, hazy vision and eyestrain.
Binders – are placed around the tummy to help increase the effectiveness of tapel and slimming creams. Best to be worn for six to ten consecutive hours, to see visible and lasting slimming results in the tummy area.
Breastfeeding Support
Breastfeeding Support – helps relieve engorged breasts and clear blocked ducts.
Tapel – a type of Jamu applied on the midsection before putting on the binder to help firm and tighten post-delivery flab on the belly.
Baby Massage
Baby Massage – new mothers are taught a baby massage sequence to practice on their baby. It helps stimulate the baby’s sensory development and improve sleep patterns. It can also help to relieve gas and colic while creating new ways for a mother to interact and bond with her baby.

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