All about Postnatal Massage. To Do Or Not To Do?

Postnatal massage has become more and more popular in Singapore. As our Singapore government even nowadays encourage woman to delivered more babies and with all the incentives offers, that all this mummies will benefits, will even makes postnatal massage a needs to all these mummies after a long hours process of their delivery.

Postnatal Jamu Massage.

More Tips on Breastfeeding

1. A mother milk supply may vary a difference times of the day.Most mothers feel fuller in the morning and less full in the evening.If the mother milk supply seems to be lower in the evening, more frequence breastfeeding will satisfy the babies needs.

2. Babies seems hungry an hour or after being fed.Human milk digest more quickly than formula milk.So, the breastfed babies need to be fed more frequently than the formula fed baby.

Tips & advise on breastfeeding

Everyday I met about minimum 4-5 mummies daily with breastfeeding problems. I find that nowadays many mummies are not worrying of pains during their delivery or c-section stitches. They are more worry of the breastfeeding problems they will encounter e.g blockducts, low milk supply & engorggement. As I can say 70% mummies have this problems nowadays and I think they really need support with these matter especially 1st time mummies. To make them enjoy their baby breastfeeding time and not to feel so stress with breastfeeding in their early days after their delivery and not to giveup easily.

More on "Confinement Period"

In the olden days, the month immediately after delivery is considered a time that we've to really cares of ourselves and is call confinement period. This is because during this period the mother's physiological and mentally change. Traditional Chinese, Malays, and even some Europeans nowadays believe than when we take good of ourselves during these period, we will be healthier when we’re old.

What to do when your baby is crying?

Crying is baby’s only way of expressing his needs. However, trying to cope with a crying newborn can be a very frustrating experience for new parents. But it is very important that you approach to your crying baby with as much as calmness as possible, since he can sense your tension and may become even more irritable. Here are some of the reasons why your baby cries, so just have a look on them.

How can infant massage help your baby

Touch is a natural expression of love, communicating warmth and security. In babies, massage helps strengthen the growing bond between mother and baby. Most babies enjoy massage, being cuddled and touched. The best time to do baby massage before feeding after their bathing and before to go to sleep (about 9pm). If at any point you sense your baby is not enjoying the massage, then stop. The massage can only be done when both mother and baby enjoying it.

Interesting workshop for parents and parent to be

'The Art & Science of Joyful Parenting'
I found one day workshop for parent and parent to be.
I think many moms would be interested. Check it out.....

This is a holistic, interactive and entertaining workshop based on NLP, music, brain-gym and yoga. You will learn the foundations of fun, practical and simple effective tools and techniques to apply anytime to empower children's daily lives:

- Discover quick creative ways to manage your state better so that you teach easily.
- Communicate effectively so that children understand you better.

Food to eat to increase milk supply

Many of my clients ask me 'What should I eat to have better milk supply as these few days my supply droped a lot'.

My advise to breast feeding moms is to have adequate rest. I know it's easier said than done but try to get some sleep when your baby is sleeping as it will affect your milk supply.

Talking about food, eating fish, spinach, apples and papaya soup with fish and a vegetable called 'Pengaga' will be good to produce a better milk supply.

Tips for new moms during confinement period

Many perceive confinement period as some form of "ritual" that if you did not follow, your life will fall apart. While it may not be something so critical as such, we would still recommended you to take note of some pointers from this centuries-old tradition. The purpose of the month-long confinement period, is to nurture the mother's health back to its pre-natal state, since it's only for good reasons, we suppose you might want to get your pen and paper ready and start jotting down what we have to share with you (or you can just press the print button ;))

Tips for new moms before delivery

No words can describe the excitement of bringing a new life to this world, the feeling is even intense when you are the person who carries the new life in you and you happen to be a first-time mom. We here at Traditional & Holistic Post-Natal Centre wish to do our part by sharing some useful tips that we hope will help prepare you for the delivery of the new born. We are able to share because we had been a first-time moms too!

* Low impact exercises are best for pregnant woman. Avoid activities that involved hopping or jumping, such as jogging.

We invite expectant mothers to read our blog as Madam Rokiah regularly posts helpful tips, advice and general information she has gained from over ten years of providing post-natal massage.

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