Food to eat to increase milk supply

Many of my clients ask me 'What should I eat to have better milk supply as these few days my supply droped a lot'.

My advise to breast feeding moms is to have adequate rest. I know it's easier said than done but try to get some sleep when your baby is sleeping as it will affect your milk supply.

Talking about food, eating fish, spinach, apples and papaya soup with fish and a vegetable called 'Pengaga' will be good to produce a better milk supply.

I will strongly recommend 'Pengaga' as I have recommended to many of my clients and out of 15 clients, 10 clients find and increase their milk supply.

'Pengaga' only can be found in some markets like Geylang Market, Yishun and Woodlands.
How to eat it? You just need to stir fry with garlic and small ikan bilis. You need to eat at least 3 times a week.

I have attached the picture of 'Pengaga' for those who have not seen it before.


milk supply

during my confinement, i was told not to drink too much water. Contrary, i read in the book that breastfeeding is a thirsty job and need at least 8 glass of water. Sad to say, I try to get as much rest as possible but the milk supply still cannot meet my baby's demand.

Milk supply

Thanks to your quires. Yes I understand frm my many yrs experience, the chinese during confinement are not allow to drink plain water as old people believe that you could not able to control your urine when you're old. As I got feedback frm some clients who did not follow this practice during their confinement, had these problem after 1 yrs of their delivery and have not reach olden days yet. As for the Malays we are also advise not to drinks plain water too and their reason that after delivery all our veins is swollen especially tummy. They believe that when we drink too much our veins will be expand. My advise try to take more spinach, apples, longbeans and drink milo. If this is your 1st bf experience, looked out if there is lumpy around your breast. Compress them as usually when I met 1st time mummy and they say that their supply is very low and they thought that the breast should still feel heavy and lumpy after pumping. After had sessions they feel lots of different after I did cleared their blockducts problem. Compress before you latch and before pumping. Don't giveup Bf easily. Gd Luck.

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