How can infant massage help your baby

Touch is a natural expression of love, communicating warmth and security. In babies, massage helps strengthen the growing bond between mother and baby. Most babies enjoy massage, being cuddled and touched. The best time to do baby massage before feeding after their bathing and before to go to sleep (about 9pm). If at any point you sense your baby is not enjoying the massage, then stop. The massage can only be done when both mother and baby enjoying it.

Always begin the massage by playing and interacting with your baby, as it is important to establish whether they are in the right mood. For a babies, being touched, carried, caressed and comfort is an essential for healthy growth and development, both physical and emotional.

To sum it up, here are the benefits of giving your baby the infant massage:

· you and your baby to relax
· your baby to sleep better
· with your baby's digestion and relief of colic
· strengthen your baby's immune system
· develop the muscle tone and co-ordination of your baby
· you and your baby grow in confidence with each other

In case you didn't know yet, we do offer infant massage as one of our services, look under "How Can We Help?" to find out more.

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