More Tips on Breastfeeding

1. A mother milk supply may vary a difference times of the day.Most mothers feel fuller in the morning and less full in the evening.If the mother milk supply seems to be lower in the evening, more frequence breastfeeding will satisfy the babies needs.

2. Babies seems hungry an hour or after being fed.Human milk digest more quickly than formula milk.So, the breastfed babies need to be fed more frequently than the formula fed baby.

3. Give babies practice at nursing before mother's breast become full.Give the baby lots of time at the breast in the first few days, allowed him/her learned to breastfeed effectivelybefore mothers breast becomes fuller as milk supply becomes more plentyful usually on the 3rd of 4th day after birth.

4. If a baby is sleeping or uninterested in nursing during his/her few days, suggest mothers encourage him to breastfeed oftens.

5. If babies latches on the breast well, the mother will be able to avoid or minimize sore nipples in the early days after the delivery.

6. Good nutritions and plenty of fluid are important to the quick healing of a mother who had a ceasarean.

7. Most exclusively breastfed newborns babies need to be nurse on average 8 to 12 times in 24 hours in order to get enough milk.

8. A healthy baby with a good latching pattern will naturally settle into the pattern or breastfeeding that is right for him/her.

9. Some normals and healthy babies, spit up regularly after nursing, at least once a day during their first 3 mth.

10. Some reason of babies spit up include a strong let-down, inmatured muscles control, allergy, consume to much milk.Sometimes the reason for spitting up cannot be determined.

11. Colicky babies suffered from intense physical discomfort, entire body is tensed, usually pulls up his legs towards is abdomen, sreams in a high pitch voice.

12. Colicks usually occurs during the late afternoon or evening and can last for hours while crying, this babies tends to swallow a lot of air which may make them feel even worse.By holding the babies when he/her cries, he will feel cared for until he eventually outgrow this sensitive stage.

13. If nursing doesn't seems helps, some of the following comfort measured for mothers to tried.

14. Change his diapers, undress completely to see if any of his clothing may bothering him, get into a warm bath, give him a massage, put him in a sling or softer baby carrier and walk around the house or outdoors or take him to a quitier room.

15. Lay him tummy down after massage and pat his back.

Thanks to all mummies that had my service for engorgement & blockducts sessions and wish all successful with breasfeeding.

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