Tips for new moms before delivery

No words can describe the excitement of bringing a new life to this world, the feeling is even intense when you are the person who carries the new life in you and you happen to be a first-time mom. We here at Traditional & Holistic Post-Natal Centre wish to do our part by sharing some useful tips that we hope will help prepare you for the delivery of the new born. We are able to share because we had been a first-time moms too!

* Low impact exercises are best for pregnant woman. Avoid activities that involved hopping or jumping, such as jogging.

* Walk instead of running once you reached the middle of the second trimester. Switching to swimming or water aerobics can reduced stress on the joints.

* Some doctors may recommend sleeping on your left side especially after the fifth month.

* A relaxing bath is good to practice in the last few months of pregnancy as with the baby kicking and other discomforts, to get a goodnight sleep.

* Drink plenty of still water and plenty of fresh and high fibre food to avoid constipation.

* Rest with feet raised on cushions or pillow or take a warm foot bath to avoid swollen ankle.

* The lower back aches is very common during pregnancy.A few drops of lavender essential oil bath, helps to soothe away the aches.

* Check with the doctors before taking any medications, supplements or herbs while you are pregnant.

* Everything that you consume, finds its way to the baby, so do not eat or drink anything that can harm it.One of the most important things a mother can do for her unborn child, is to eat well and consume a balance diet.

* To avoid backaches problems during your pregnancy, sit upright.Slouching while you sit puts 10-15 times more pressure on your lower back.Most back pain is due to a strain muscles, poor postures, high heel shoes, bending and lifting a weight and muscle fatigue.Try to avoid doing this during your pregnancy.

* As the first 3 months of your pregnancy, it is advisable not to have a massage especially certain essential oils must not be used.Prenatal massage, I will always advice it should be done at least 6 months onwards of your pregnancy.

We hope you find the above tips useful. In the next round, we are going to share with you tips for new moms during confinement period. Stay tuned!

Is it okay to use 100% pure

Is it okay to use 100% pure essential oil on the body for mommies in 2nd and 3rd trimester? It smells good and feels good.

Tips for New Mums

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