All about Postnatal Massage. To Do Or Not To Do?

Postnatal massage has become more and more popular in Singapore. As our Singapore government even nowadays encourage woman to delivered more babies and with all the incentives offers, that all this mummies will benefits, will even makes postnatal massage a needs to all these mummies after a long hours process of their delivery.

Postnatal Jamu Massage.

90% mummies in Singapore having postnatal massage after their delivery, when they know the true benefits of having the massage. Even nowadays expatriates that comes to Singapore also had postnatal service too. From my many years experience till now, I have serve many of them, that know what they expect from the massage. Postnatal massage has been for many generations been practice by the Asians especially the Malays, Indonesian and now 80% by the Chinese. As got to know from some expatriates, that their country people do not practice postnatal massage, examples in London and some others European countries and when they had the massage in Singapore, they really enjoy the sessions and start telling their friends about what they have experience during their sessions. As in Indonesia, all their woman there had their postnatal massage and even they will be having the sessions for more that a month. In Thailand, they do not practice postnatal massage but they have only breast massage due to engorgement and also when in Singapore, had the sessions, they feedback that with the massage its really something that makes their body feel much better and feel good.

As in Singapore, the locals Chinese had their postnatal sessions at least for a week or 10days. Only few of them that can afford, having longer sessions till up to 30days. Nowadays, more information about the benefits of postnatal massage are widely people talking about it. They also know that with postnatal massage their body will feel more energetic, less feeling stress , help too with their breastfeeding issue and the main aims is to slim down after the sessions.

Postnatal Benefits & Changes Of Body After Delivery

Postnatal massage should be done the traditional ways from my view. Most important to know about its benefits and should be enjoying during the sessions. Not feeling pain during the sessions as after their delivery some mummies feel that their body was very tense and aching. And postnatal massage helps to release stress, soften tense and tight muscles after a long delivery, have support for breastfeeding mothers and most important that sometimes after a few sessions, there are some clotted blood ( lochia) will be out and tummy will feel much better than before. With the binding that will make the tummy smaller and even good support for their back body during breastfeeding sessions for mummies.

Hot stone (river stone) compress really helps to soften the breast engorgement and baby massage should be inclusive in the postnatal package sessions.

Experience Therapists

Most important too, to have experience therapists to serve you during the sessions. Sharing tips and advise about taking care of babies, cares during confinements and what foods they can eat or can’t. Products that been use for the clients should be safe and suitable to their skin.( all our products are lab tested) Even some taboos that still can be practise or not to be practice should be advise to all these clients. Able to answer to clients quires. Not every woman had an easy delivery or success delivery. Experience therapists should helps giving support to all these clients. To make them accept the reality, examples when they had lost their babies or having depression after their delivery. To help educate them as sometimes especially for 1st time mums. They really need support after their delivery. Not to practice pushing of uterus ( as even doctor do not practice such thing ) As 80% Singapore mummies too wish they could successfully breastfeed their babies at most for 6 month. I always encouraged mummies that I met ( at least 5-6 mums a day) to not give up breastfeeding easily and will always be there to answer to their quires.

My main missions and vision now, is to helps more mummies understands better about postnatal massage and its benefits. With all my certified and experience therapist now working with my company and they are also personally trained my me ( as most clients still request to have my personal sessions but at the moment I’m only serve clients with breastfeeding issue) I hope that all of them will give their full commitment, confidently attend to clients needs and with passions to serve better. We received many quires from other countries especially Hongkong clients who wish to have their postnatal sessions done there. And also If there is anyone who interested to set a postnatal business ( even oversea), they may sent in their quires with no obligations. For more information and also may visit my website for my company service.

Massage possible for Caesarian Mothers?

Hi I just had a c-section a month and half ago and i would like to ask if massages are okay for mothers like me? I was told that I cannot go for massages and this really had slowed down the rate that i am slimming down. Is it true? Coz if not, I would like to start massages soon.

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