What to do when your baby is crying?

Crying is baby’s only way of expressing his needs. However, trying to cope with a crying newborn can be a very frustrating experience for new parents. But it is very important that you approach to your crying baby with as much as calmness as possible, since he can sense your tension and may become even more irritable. Here are some of the reasons why your baby cries, so just have a look on them.

If your baby is crying and he has not eaten anything since two hours or more, them he might he hungry. If the baby is breastfed, he may be trying to build up your milk a supply with more frequent feedings. Even if he has been recently nursed, he wants to breastfeed just for some more comfort. If you bottle-feed your baby check the nipple of the bottle to make sure that the milk drips feely.

If our child is crying but is not hungry, then better you check him for a loose diaper pin, a soiled or wet diaper, or any other irritating diaper condition such as diaper rash or a diaper that is too tight. You can check is he overdressed or underdressed? Check if his clothing is too tight or too rough on him. Is room too hot or too cold for him? Mind it, any of these conditions can make a baby fussy.

Remember that for nine months your baby was safe and snug within your warm body, listening to your heartbeat and other sounds. When he gets delivered, expecting him to stay alone in a hard wooden crib can be very difficult for him. He may cry out for feeling lonely, just fulfill his needs of cuddling by holding him close to your body.

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