Tips & advise on breastfeeding

Everyday I met about minimum 4-5 mummies daily with breastfeeding problems. I find that nowadays many mummies are not worrying of pains during their delivery or c-section stitches. They are more worry of the breastfeeding problems they will encounter e.g blockducts, low milk supply & engorggement. As I can say 70% mummies have this problems nowadays and I think they really need support with these matter especially 1st time mummies. To make them enjoy their baby breastfeeding time and not to feel so stress with breastfeeding in their early days after their delivery and not to giveup easily.

Every mummies actually have milk supply after their delivery but either it is less or more. Milk supply comes as early as on the 5th day or later by the 2nd week after the delivery.Most important that mummies should get more informations about breastfeeding from reading, friends, lactations and someone who is specialised to help them with these problems.

My personal advise:

During the 5th month onwards of a pregnancy, when having shower, just have an extra warm shower to the breast, as milk supply have started to build-up and it would not harden as time past till the end of the pregnancy. And these is what some mummies encounter after their delivery, their breast harden like a rock.

Everytime during breastfeeding you must feel comfortable with your position of sitting & latching, as your baby too will feel more comfortable during he/she feeding time.

About 10 minutes to feeding time, compress your both breasts with hot towel so that its will be slightly softer or sometimes the letdown will comes.These will make baby more enjoy their feeding time.

Some babies will be very angry when you try to latch them when they're hungry and the breast is very hard as they seem look like struggling searching the nipples. As there is no letdown or the milk flows very slow makes the baby more angry and mummies will feel more stress during the breastfeeding sessions. Sometimes this situations make some mummies wanted to giveup breastfeeding.

To have better supply, eat more spinach, apples, fish, papaya soup and also could try to consume some of breastfeeding milk that is in the market nowadays.

When you encounter some lumps and the breast still feel heavy after pumping, try to compress it towards your areola and continue pumping. If its really does'nt works get advise.

Here, I wish and encourage all mummies to enjoy their breastfeeding time with their baby at least minimum 6mth - a year. Good luck always.