What is Post-natal Massage?

The Benefits

Of all the things a new mother can do after the birth of your baby, post-natal massage is one of the most valuable in both physical and emotional benefits.

The stress of delivery and the hours spent caring for your baby will take its toll on your body which is where post-natal massage can help reverse the ageing signs to complement the overall mental and physical recovery of your body.

Aside from assisting in successful lactation (for breastfeeding mothers), firming up the stomach muscles through a tummy-bind with special herbs and reducing water retention, post-natal massage can also provide effective relief from headache, constipation, and pain in muscles and joints.

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What is Jamu Massage?

Jamu Massage is a traditional Indonesian massage using various kinds of plants and herbal medicine.

This traditional form of Jamu medicinal therapy has its roots in South-East Asia before the 17th century.

Various types of Jamu are used to combat an assortment of illnesses as well as to help women keep fit, beautiful and slim.