About Us

We are here with passion.

We provide personalised after care for mothers after delivery.

Established since 2000, Traditional & Holistic Post-Natal Centre is specialized in Jamu Post-Natal Massage & Engorgement Breast Massage.

Our company supports and provide mothers during their motherhood journey through the benefits of Jamu Post-Natal Massage such as increase blood circulations, de-stressing and relaxation. Our Engorgement Breast Massage helps to relieve and clear block duct issues and engorgements throughout their breastfeeding journey. It also helps to stimulate supply for mothers who struggle wih low supply.

We have served mothers not only in Singapore but throughout the world in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia & Indonesia.

Our Story

Traditional & Holistic Post-Natal Centre started out from Mdm Rokiah, the Founder of the company who has got over 19 years of experienced in this Jamu Massage industry. Ever since she was 16 years old, she loves going for weekly massages and therefore, she develops her interest and passion in massage.

In 2000, she decided to further her studies and attending massage school courses in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia & Thailand. She even travelled all the way further in to villages in Indonesia & Malaysia to learn more about Jamu Herbs and a deeper level of understanding of the human body.

Mdm Rokiah eldest daughter, Ashiqah have develop her interest in this service and mastered the skills and knowledge since she was only in high school. Since her she left school, she decided to further her skill of Engorgement Breast Massage & Jamu Massage in Indonesia & Malaysia. With over 10 years of experienced, she has now served many locals and expatriates in Engorgement Breast Massage & Jamu Massage Services.

Currently, Traditional & Holistic Post-Natal Centre has 10 therapists that are personally chosen by Mdm Rokiah and Ashiqah to served mothers throughout in Singapore, Hong Kong &Indonesia. They are all personally trained by Mdm Rokiah & Ashiqah, certified and experienced.

On top all the experienced, we have people from Amsterdam, China, Vietnam and more that come and learn the skills of Jamu Massage & Engorgement Breast Massage from Mdm Rokiah and Ashiqah personally. They had now open up their own centres in their country.

Our Vision

Our vision is making all mothers to conquer their motherhood journey by providing them the services to speed up the natural way of recovery and improve well-being to meet the baby needs at home.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support and provide mothers through the benefits of Post-Natal Massage that can help to reverse and ageing sign to complement the overall mental and physical health of the body. Our aim is to support mothers in Jamu Massage by our traditional method that helps mothers to recover faster during their confinement.