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We established since 2000, Traditional & Holistic Post-Natal Centre is specialized in Jamu Post-Natal Massage & Engorgement Breast Massage to provide personalized after care for mothers after delivery.

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Traditional & Holistic Post-Natal Centre started out from Mdm Rokiah, the Founder of the company who has got over 19 years of experienced in this Jamu Massage industry. Ever since she was 16 years old, she loves going for weekly massages and therefore, she develops her interest and passion in massage.

After being a mother of four kids and unable to receive any help when she had her recurring engorgement and experienced body aches and pains throughout her confinement period make her strive to help more mothers in this service.

We are always here with your motherhood journey.

To complement our signature Jamu Massage, we provide the following treatments and services as part of our package:

Hot Stone







Classical Jamu Post-Natal Massage

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Royale Jamu Post-Natal Massage Package

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Traditional Javanese Massage

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Hong Kong Jamu Post-Natal Massage Package

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On that basis, I flew 13 hours to receive superior training from her. During the training course, again she was able to impart a great deal of practical and theoretical knowledge to me...

Sandra Onyekwelu, Partner of London


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Would you like to set-up a Jamu Massage Centre of Engorgement Breast Massage Centre in your country? Have a passion for Jamu Massage? Take a look at some of our client’s testimonial that had enrolled in our Business Opportunities Courses.