Jamu Tapel

A type of herb to be applied on the tummy area to help firm, tighten post delivery flab on the belly and also to expel wind in the body.

Jamu Pilis

A type of herb to be applied on the forehead to cure dizziness, eyestrains and hazy visions.

Hot Stone Compress

To ease muscles tensions and soothe nerves. It also aid in relieving muscle pain, strains, poor circulations, back pain.

Traditional Binding

To be wrapped around the tummy to help increase effectiveness of Tapel & Ginger Cream and to see visible and lasting slimming result .

Lactation Massage

To helps soften blocked ducts to smoothen every pumping and latching with the baby and for low supply mothers, it helps to stimulate.

Baby Massage

It helps to improve sleeping patterns and relieve colic and gas while creating new ways for a mother to bond with their baby.

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